Milad Tower

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Milad Tower (also known as the Tehran Tower) is a multi-purpose tower in Tehran, (Capital city of Iran). It is the sixth tallest tower and also the 17th tallest freestanding structure in the world.

It is located between the west Tehran (near Hemmat Highway), standing at 435 m (1,427 ft) from base to the tip of the antenna. The head consists of a large pod with 12 floors, the roof of which is at 315 m (1,033 ft).

The tower is a part of a complex called International Trade and Convention Center of Tehran. The complex also includes a five-star hotel, a convention center, a world trade center, and an IT park.

Construction of the tower was started in 1997. The tower was officially opened on 20 February 2009.

Today Milad Tower is one of the tourist attractions of Tehran (and also Iran).

There are a lot of Facilities in Tower and it’s area: Dolphinarium, Cinema 4D, Resturants, Gift shops and…

You can buy souvenirs from shops inside and outside the tower and also eat Iranian and non Iranian foods in Milad Tower food court.

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